Fay Jones votes against free school meals – Gavin & Stacey Cafe supports her!

Fay Jones, MP for Brecon & Radnor voted against providing free school meals for those children living in poverty and going hungry.

Her office (pictured below) had a multitude of empty plates attached to the door and doorway in protest at her vote.

In response to people in social media who showed their disgust towards Fay Jones, Jill Bennett of Gavin and Stacey cafe writes: Faye Jones and her team have phoned myself nearly every week since March, checking how we’ve been managing during this pandemic. We deliver meals to the elderly and vulnerable people , not once as any local councillors called to see if we needed any support. She also came down when all the floods were in ystradgynlais and visited locals and came to my cafe. And if any children were hungry all week we have been giving a child’s free sausage, chips and a drink with an adult paying meal.

Gavin & Stacey Cafe were nominated by Fay Jones and received a grant of £1,500.00 to help feed the vulnerable and those in poverty.

Fay writes on her website: “They are a shining example of a local business going above and beyond to serve the community.”

The hypocrisy here is the fact that whilst Fay recognises that people within her own constituency are vulnerable and needing help, she has negated this by actually voting to not provide free meals to children in England who are also vulnerable and in poverty.

Jill Bennett of Gavin & Stacey cafe wrote that they (as a business) provided a free meal with any adult paid meal.
 if any children were hungry all week we have been giving a child’s free sausage, chips and a drink with an adult paying meal”

Given the fact that profit margins on food are quite high in addition to a free childs meal for an adult paid meal begs the question of what Gavin & Stacey Cafe have done with the £1,500.00 grant that was made available to them. Notice the fact that Jill Bennett of Gavin & Stacey cafe did not say they had been giving free meals to the vulnerable, but only free childs meals if accompanied by a paying adults meal.

Businesses nationwide, in particular food outlets have been placing notices on their doors and windows banning their local Conservative MP from entering their premises in respect of the derisory way in which they voted. However, despite this trend, Jill Bennett from Gavin & Stacey Cafe seemingly supports Fays vote in this regard as this can be seen from her post (quoted above).

For all the decent people who care, have empathy and compassion, you may wish to remember which cafe to now avoid in the future.

Any comment from Jill will be added to this article.


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