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Social workers invited to Powys recruitment events

Social workers invited to Powys recruitment events

06 March 2023


If you’re looking for a new opportunity in social work, then Powys County Council has some great opportunities.

Social workers are invited to attend recruitment events to find out about the job opportunities across children and adult services.

There are some great benefits of working for Powys County Council, including manageable caseloads, flexible working, dedicated business support, relocation package of up to £8,000, and a market supplement for some specific roles.

Come along and find out more at one of the recruitment events, from 4pm until 7pm at: 

The Holiday Inn, Shrewsbury on Tuesday 21st March (SY2 6LG)
Lion Quays, Oswestry on Monday 27th March (SY11 3EN)
The Bear, Crickhowell on Tuesday 28th March (NP8 1BW)
Nant Ddu Lodge, Cwm Taf, on Wednesday 29th March (CF48 2HY)

It will be a great opportunity to meet our friendly staff and find out about our social work vacancies in our care and support, assessment, through care 0 -14, mental health, and hospital discharge teams.    

Councillor Sian Cox, Cabinet Member for a Caring Powys said: If you believe in the power of social work to change things for the better, do talk to us.  We’re innovative, collaborative and focused and believe in people being supported to live the life they want to live, where they want to live it, with the people they want to live with. You’ll receive the support you need to do the job you love, regular supervision, and excellent training and development opportunities.

Councillor Susan McNicholas, Cabinet Member for Future Generations adds: Powys is a great place to work, it’s a rural county with some vibrant market towns. We offer flexible working opportunities, so you will be able to work from a location that suits you and your business needs. This could be from home, our offices, or community buildings near where you live. So, if you’re interested in a new social work job, come along to one of the events and find out why it’s a great place to work.

Bring along your CV and we will match you to our current and future vacancies.

For more information about the events visit, www.powys.gov. or check out our vacancies at www.powys.gov.

Have your say on introducing default 20mph speed limits in Carmarthenshire

Have your say on introducing default 20mph speed limits in Carmarthenshire

In September 2023, new Welsh Government legislation will introduce a default 20mph speed limit on restricted (street lit) roads across Wales in place of the current 30mph limits.  This is being done to:

  • Improve road safety
  • Create safer walking and cycling areas
  • help improve our health and wellbeing

Selected roads which have a strategic role and are less of a risk to walkers and cyclists may be an exception to the legislation.

The County Council has assessed all roads within Carmarthenshire to map the impacts of the legislation and to identify these exceptions. You can view the default 20mph and 30mp exceptions here.

Wales is due to become one of the first countries in the world, and the first nation in the UK, to introduce legislation to have a default 20mph speed limit on roads where cars mix with pedestrians and cyclists.

Cllr Edward Thomas, Cabinet Member for, Cabinet Member for Transport, Waste, and Infrastructure Services said:

We, as a Local Authority, are implementing the Welsh Government’s legislation to set a speed limit of 20mph on most of our restricted roads. The key aim of the 20mph speed limit is to improve road safety, particularly for vulnerable road users, and encourage more walking and cycling. The change in legislation will require a fundamental change in driver behaviour to achieve its goals and we will be working closely with the Welsh Government to educate the public of the changes that are afoot”.

For further details on the changes and to make a comment, please visit our website.

Animal health prosecution success – Powys County Council

Animal health prosecution success – Powys County Council

3 March 2023

Image of some sheep

Falsely identifying sheep and providing false information on sheep movement reporting documentation has cost a Powys man over £2,300 after they were prosecuted by the county council.

Daniel Price of Oakfield, Dolau was prosecuted by Powys County Council’s Animal Health Team for the offences.

Price, who pleaded guilty to four offences under the Animal Health Act 1981 and asked for 17 other charges to be taken into consideration, appeared before Llandrindod Wells Magistrates Courts on 1 March 2023 and was fined £1,200 for the offences. He was ordered to pay £1,000 costs and a £120 victim surcharge.

The court heard that in February 2020, Price provided false information on sheep movement reporting documentation and that in September 2020 and December 2020, he falsely identified a total of 39 sheep.

Price also failed to notify EID Cymru, an electronic system to record livestock movements in Wales, of the movement of two sheep, the court was told.

Cllr Richard Church, Cabinet Member for a Safer Powys, said: “The laws relating to the identification and movement reporting of sheep and goats are in place to make it easier to trace animals and help to prevent, or to reduce the cost of, an outbreak of a serious disease, such as, Foot and Mouth Disease and to protect the human food chain.

“If farmers do not follow regulations, then our officers will investigate and take the appropriate action.”

Gavin Jones, the council’s Animal Health Team Manager, said: “Our officers will take appropriate action in these circumstances. Most breaches are dealt with without the need to prosecute.  However, if we come across similar cases to this, we will prosecute.”


Cabinet recommends 2023-24 budget proposals & 5-year Capital Programme

Cabinet recommends 2023-24 budget proposals & 5-year Capital Programme

Carmarthenshire County Council has amended its 2023-24 budget strategy in response to extensive public consultation. Proposed cuts to school funding and increased school meals and car parking charges have been reduced, and a lower than anticipated council tax increase of 6.8% will enable the Council to avoid cutting essential public services.   

In preparing the most challenging budget for many years, Carmarthenshire County Council invited the public and other interested parties to express their opinion, suggestions and preference on a total of 17 budget proposals.  Over 2,000 people responded to the online consultation, and 80 young people from the county’s secondary schools attended a face-to-face event at County Hall to discuss with Cabinet members and express their priorities.  

Amongst the main changes to the Council’s budget proposals are: 

  • A proposed council tax rise of 6.8%, which is well below the current rate of inflation. Just 25% of the Council’s £450m Net Revenue Budget comes from the Council Tax. The remaining balance comes from the annual Welsh Government Revenue Support grant and the National Non-Domestic Rates.
  • The proposed reduction of £2.7m in the Schools Delegated Budget has been cut to £2m, although in real cash terms, Carmarthenshire schools will get an extra £8m to cover inflation, energy and staffing costs. 
  • It was originally proposed to raise the price of school meals by 10% in line with inflation, but this has been halved to 5%.
  • In recognition of this difficult time for town centre traders, the proposed 10% inflation-related increase in car parking charges has also been cut to 5%. Meanwhile, a review of free parking periods is being held. It’s worth noting that the Council has to pay Non-Domestic Rates on car parks, which currently amounts to well over £300,000 in Carmarthen Town alone.
  • An additional £262,000 has been allocated for Highways and Town Centres, to help alleviate the previous reduction in funding due to austerity measures.
  • Proposed cuts to the Youth Support Service and Children’s Services Grants have been dropped completely.  

Carmarthenshire County Council, like all local authorities, is facing unprecedented financial pressures as the rising cost of inflation, food and energy prices along with increased global demands for goods and services, presents a significant shortfall in its 2023/24 budget. 

The Council’s energy costs have nearly trebled and the level of nationally agreed pay awards for staff is far above what was budgeted for 12 months ago, due to the significant rise of inflation.

Following the Welsh Government funding settlement, announced on December 14, Carmarthenshire County Council identified a need to bridge a budget shortfall of over £20million in its 2023/24 budget. 

Welsh Government recognise this has been one of the toughest budgets that they have ever set and therefore the money allocated to local authorities, which makes up around three-quarters of our funding, will fall well short of what the Council need to continue with services as they are currently. Council Tax raises around £112 million a year and contributes to around a quarter of the total net annual budget.

The Council has a legal responsibility to set a balanced budget every year, ensuring that income from sources such as Council Tax, revenue from paid-for services and grants is enough to cover its expenditure.

The Cabinet Member for Resources, Cllr. Alun Lenny said: “All councils are facing unprecedented financial pressures, due to soaring fuel prices, ever-rising interest rates and rampant inflation, which has, in turn, led to higher pay settlements as working people try to make ends meet in a cost of living crisis.

“As a result of global factors, Carmarthenshire County Council is having to make savings of £9.4m this year. This comes on top of a decade of austerity, with year-on-year cuts in public spending resulting in the Council already being £100m worse off than we were 10 years ago.

“I would like to thank those residents who have engaged with us during this budget planning period. It has been incredibly difficult to set a balanced budget for 2023-24, but the public feedback indicates that residents appreciate this, and were willing to engage in the process.”


Five-Year Capital Programme


Carmarthenshire County Council’s Cabinet has also recommended its Five-Year Capital Programme, which will see £265m of investment within the county over the next five years.

£73m of funding will be directed towards the Council’s continued commitment to improving school buildings, £27m for Regeneration projects to boost economic activity, £86m for City Deal backed projects which include a new leisure centre for Llanelli, and £59m to improve Carmarthenshire’s local economic infrastructure and the wider environment. This comprehensive and wide-ranging package is supported by funding from the Welsh Government, the UK Government, and the Council’s own resources.

Cllr. Alun Lenny continued: “In recent years we have delivered a huge programme of capital investments for the people of Carmarthenshire. Investments in our schools, in our transport links and infrastructure, and in our cultural and leisure facilities – across the board, we have delivered despite the unprecedented challenges we have faced from a pandemic and the rising cost of living.

“As we prioritise our capital investments for 2023/24, we are mindful of the ongoing difficulties faced by our residents.  I am, therefore, delighted to be seeking approval from Cabinet colleagues for this comprehensive Capital Programme which will again boost the local economy and deliver new and improved facilities that can be enjoyed by residents across the County.”

Carmarthenshire County Council’s 2023-24 Revenue Budget and Five-Year Capital Programme 2023/24 to 2027/28 are due to be approved by the full Council at its next meeting on March 1.

Have your say on the growth of Carmarthenshire

Have your say on the growth of Carmarthenshire

Consultation has begun on the future growth of Carmarthenshire and its communities, as an important document has been published outlining how the county could develop over the next 10 years.

Members of the public are now able to view and provide their feedback on a Second Deposit Revised Local Development Plan (LDP), a key planning framework document developed by Carmarthenshire County Council to shape and guide development through to 2033.

It details land allocations for new homes and businesses, as well as policies to protect and promote the environment, the Welsh language, the economy and employment growth.

The first Deposit Revised LDP was published in 2020, but has been replaced with this 2nd Deposit LDP. The 2nd Deposit LDP has been necessary to consider the effect of development on certain areas within the County which are affected by high phosphate levels.

Distributing potential growth across six clusters, the plan sets the direction for the development of 8,822 new homes and 1,900 affordable homes, with a settlement pattern which reflects the diversity of Carmarthenshire’s communities and the needs of its urban and rural areas.

It also provides opportunities for around 70 hectares of land to be developed for the creation of over 5,000 new jobs.

The document provides a focus on wellbeing and on efforts to protect and enhance the county’s natural and built environment through sustainable development to ensure quality environments and places.

The plan also seeks to help address the council’s commitment to tackling climate change.

A public consultation on the 2nd Deposit Revised LDP is open until 4:30 April 14, 2023, giving people an opportunity to view and submit comments on the proposed land allocations and policies.

Cllr Ann Davies, Cabinet Member for Rural Affairs and Planning Policy said: “The LDP will outline and steer future decision making and investment in Carmarthenshire. It sets out the number and location of future new homes, affordable housing, employment and jobs, renewable energy, and identifies and protects areas of conservation and environmental importance. 

“Setting a new LDP is a lengthy process, but one during which there is plenty of opportunity for people to share their views.

“We encourage anyone with an interest in building, land development, the environment, their local communities and how Carmarthenshire will be shaped in the future, to get involved and have their say.”

The second Deposit Revised LDP and supporting documents are available to view on the council’s website, www.carmarthenshire.gov.wales/planning, as well as at the Council’s customer service Centres / Hwb Centres and public libraries.

Representations / comments submitted as part of the consultation on the first Deposit LDP will no longer be considered. Only those submitted as part of the second Deposit will be considered and forwarded to the Inspector. Any previous representations / comments must be resubmitted and reflect the content of the second Deposit LDP.


Drop-in Sessions

As part of the consultation on the 2nd Deposit Revised Local Development Plan (LDP) a series of drop-in sessions are being held across Carmarthenshire. 

These events are intended to provide an opportunity for groups, organisations, interested parties and members of the public to discuss and learn more about the LDP.

Officers from the Forward Planning Section will be in attendance.


  • Monday 27 February 2023: Gallery Room, New Library, Ammanford

Opening Hours: 10.00 – 19.00

  • Tuesday 28 February 2023: Meeting Room, Newcastle Emlyn Leisure Centre, Newcastle Emlyn

Opening Hours: 12.00 – 19.00

  • Wednesday 1 March 2023: Committee Room, Pontyberem Memorial Hall, Coalbrook Road, Pontyberem.

Opening Hours: 12.00 – 19.00

  • Monday 6 March 2023: Hwb, St. Catherine’s Walk, Carmarthen (the old Debenhams store)

Opening Hours: 10.00 – 19.00

  • Tuesday 7 March 2023: The Gate, Pentre Road, St Clears

Opening Hours: 12.00 – 19.00

  • Tuesday 7 March 2023: Llangadog Community Centre, Heol Dyrfal, Llangadog

Opening Hours: 12.00 – 19.00

  • Wednesday 8 March 2023: Ground Floor, Room 3, Llanelli Town Hall, Town Hall Square, Llanelli

Opening Hours: 10.00 – 19.00

Council prosecutes Ammanford building and landscaping business owner

Council prosecutes Ammanford building and landscaping business owner

The Director of Sibley’s Solutions Ltd in Ammanford has been given a suspended prison sentence following an investigation by Carmarthenshire County Council’s Trading Standards team.  

James Sibley pleaded guilty to offences under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 at Swansea Crown Court for five separate instances where he agreed to carry out building/landscaping work, for which he received a total of £34,290.77 from his victims.  

Where work was carried out it was of very poor quality and in some cases very little or no work was carried out despite the victims paying for these services. 

The Court sentenced Sibley to: 

  • 16 weeks imprisonment suspended for 12 months  
  • 100 hours un-paid work  
  • £12,000 compensation to be distributed between the five victims.  
  • Disqualified from being a Company Director for 4 years 

Cllr Aled Vaughan Owen, Cabinet Member with responsibility for Trading Standards said:

James Sibley falsely claimed to be a professional tradesman and I’m pleased that our Trading Standards team have achieved a positive result for his victims.When hiring someone to do work in your home always  be vigilant, do research before entering into any agreement and to be cautious when paying money upfront.I would encourage anyone looking for a tradesperson to do work in their home to use The Buy With Confidence scheme to find a Trading Standards approved trader. All businesses listed with Buy With Confidence have passed a number of checks so you can be reassured that you are appointing a trustworthy business to carry out the work”.  

When choosing a trader to do work on your home follow these tips: 

  • Obtain at least three quotes to compare prices  
  • Don’t pay in full until the work is completed and you are happy with the standard of finish  
  • Obtain the details of the work in writing  
  • Check with the Council if you are unsure whether the work will need planning permission/building regulations 
  • Take your time. Don’t let anyone rush you into making a decision 
  • If you agree to a contract in your home you may be entitled to a 14 day cooling off period  

Visit the Council’s website to view Trading Standards approved traders.

Applications now open for Council’s graduate programme

Applications now open for Council’s graduate programme

Carmarthenshire County Council is looking for motivated university leavers to join the successful graduate programme in 2023 

Building on the huge success of our previous graduate programme, this two-year scheme offers a range of exciting opportunities which combine on-the-job experience, in-house development, and a post graduate qualification to provide an excellent first step towards a successful career.  

The opportunities available include: 

  • Graduate Software Developer  
  • Graduate Trainee Performance and Business 
  • Graduate Building Surveyor x 2 
  • Graduate Performance & Information Officer 
  • Graduate Trainee (Waste Strategy and Policy) 
  • Graduate Trainee Forward Planning Officer 
  • Graduate Civil Engineer / Transportation Planner 
  • Graduate Trainee Service Development & Improvement 

Visit our Hwbs in Carmarthen, Llanelli and Ammanford on Wednesday 15th February from 10am-3pm for information on our graduate vacancies. 

Cllr Philip Hughes, Cabinet Member for Organisation and Workforce commented:

Our successful graduate programme offers exciting opportunities for university leavers to gain valuable experience and continue their education within an ever-changing, dynamic, and forward-thinking organisation. Open to all ages, we are looking for motivated individuals to join our programme and help us to shape and deliver better public services in Carmarthenshire”.  

Cabinet to consider Ysgol y Cribarth language consultation report

Cabinet to consider Ysgol y Cribarth language consultation report

1 March 2023

Image of Ysgol y Cribarth

Welsh-medium education could be introduced at a south Powys primary school if a recommendation to Cabinet is approved, the county council has said.

Powys County Council is proposing to move Ysgol y Cribarth in Abercraf along the language continuum by establishing a Welsh-medium stream at the school.

The school is currently an English-medium school providing education for pupils aged 4 to 11.

Since September 2021, Ysgol y Cribarth has operated a Welsh-medium Foundation Phase class on a pilot basis as part of a scheme that has been supported by the council.

The proposed change would see a Welsh-medium stream introduced at Ysgol y Cribarth from September 2023, operating alongside the school’s English-medium stream.

The proposal will help the council deliver one of the aims in its Strategy for Transforming Education, which is to improve access to Welsh-medium provision across all key stages. The strategy was updated in July 2022.

The council carried out a seven-week consultation between December 2022 and February 2023 and the findings of the consultation report will be considered by Cabinet on Tuesday, March 7.

Cabinet will also be asked to continue with the process to move Ysgol y Cribarth along the language continuum by establishing a Welsh-medium stream at the school.

If given the go-ahead, the council will publish a statutory notice formally proposing the change. It would then be required to consider another report to conclude the process.

Cllr Pete Roberts, Cabinet Member for a Learning Powys, said: “I would like to thank all those who took part in the consultation exercise for this proposal. After considering all the consultation responses, the recommendation that I will be putting forward to Cabinet is to continue with the proposal by publishing the statutory notice formally proposing the change.

“This change would ensure that all pupils in the area would have the opportunity to choose this provision, which would give them the opportunity to become fluent in Welsh and English and therefore contributing to the Welsh Government’s aspiration to achieve a million Welsh speakers by 2050.

“It would also support the council’s aims and aspirations as outlined in the Welsh in Education Strategic Plan (WESP) for 2022-32 and the Strategy for Transforming Education in Powys.”

To find out more about Welsh-medium education in Powys, visit Destination bilingual.

Applications open for Early Years admissions

Applications open for Early Years admissions

1 March 2023

Image of an adult and two children playing with blocks

Applications are now open for children due to start pre-school in 2024, Powys County Council has said.

Parents or carers of children born between 1 September 2020 and 31 August 2021 can apply for a place in an early year setting ready to start in 2024.

Applications must be completed and submitted by Friday, March 31, 2023.

The Welsh Government funds the council to ensure that all children in Powys have access to free part-time early years education from the beginning of the term following the child’s third birthday.

Each qualifying child can receive a maximum of 10 hours per week of funded early years education if they attend an approved, funded pre-school education setting.

Children eligible for free part time education will only receive the funded place if they are attending an approved funded pre-school education setting.

Cllr Pete Roberts, Cabinet Member for a Learning Powys, said: “I would encourage all parents and carers to complete this application as soon they can to ensure that their child has the best opportunity of a place at their preferred early years / pre-school setting next year.

“If it is not completed in time, this may put at risk their child’s place at their preferred setting if it is a very popular one.”

Parents / carers will need to complete an online application form which can be found at Apply for Pre-School (3 and 4-year-olds) Early Years Education.

If you have any queries or are having problems completing or submitting the application please contact the Admissions Team on 01597 826449 or email [email protected]

New members needed for the Powys Local Access Forum

New members needed for the Powys Local Access Forum

28 February 2023

Image of local access forum members enjoying a walk

Powys County Council is inviting residents to put themselves forward to become a member of the Powys Local Access Forum (LAF) and play an important role in influencing the councils work looking after public rights of way and greenspace in the county.

If you have an interest in countryside access – whether that’s in getting out and about, land management or nature conservation – your experience and understanding can help the council to shape its countryside access work. Powys has an important network of footpaths and rights of way which everyone should be able to access easily.

Cllr Jackie Charlton, Cabinet Member for a Greener Powys explains what is involved. “The Local Access Forum is a statutory group that advises Powys County Council, Natural Resources Wales, Welsh Government and other partners and organisations, in matters related to open-air recreation in the county’s countryside.

“There are up to 15 members of the forum at any one time, made up from all walks of life, and the whole group is reappointed every three years. The current members are nearing the end of their term and the council is looking for enthusiastic people who would like to make a difference and be a part of the Local Access Forum for the next three years, starting in April 2023. It is important to have a diverse group of interested citizens who are able to capture the needs of everyone wanting to access the countryside.”

The forum meets between two and four times a year and attendance can be in person or virtual Over the last three years, the Local Access Forum has helped the council shape its annual work programme, supported by a variety of grants and taken an advisory role in a number of countryside access projects, including:

  • The Canals, Communities and Wellbeing project, due for completion in summer 2023 and funded through the Welsh Government Enabling Natural Resources and Well-being (ENRaW) grant.
  • A Shared Prosperity funded project, to enhance signage on public rights of way with volunteer support, running until March 2025.

Current Local Access Forum member, Kath Shaw, would encourage interested individuals to volunteer to become a member from April 2023. “As a keen hill walker and farmer, I felt it was important to have a voice on the Powys Local Access Forum. Over the last three years I have gained a good insight into the work Powys County Council does to maintain our footpaths and byways.

“I feel that Local Access Forums are a good way for interested parties to share their views and concerns about access to the countryside.”

If you would like to receive an application pack, please contact the Secretary to the Local Access Forum:

Sian Barnes
Powys County Council
Gwalia Offices, Ithon Road, Llandrindod Wells, Powys. LD1 6AA
01597 827500
[email protected]

More information can also be found online: Local Access Forum

The deadline for applications is 30 March 2023.

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