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Firefighter-fit sessions & firefighter recruitment drive

South Wales Fire and Rescue Service

South Wales Fire & Rescue Service have announced that  “Firefighter Fit” sessions are back this November followed by a recruitment drive in early 2002.
The Fire & Rescue service are running a series of six Firefighter-Fit sessions to give prospective applicants an insight into the physical demands and fitness levels required of the firefighter role.

For further information and to apply, please click below link to be taken directly to southwales-fire.gov.uk website

Firefighter Fit

South Wales Fire and Rescue Service

Coastguard rescue at Rhossilli

On the evening of 3rd October, the coastguard were called out to rescue a dog. The coastguard wrote the following:
Rhossili and Mumbles coastguards teams got tasked to a dog over the cliff at Rhossili. On arrival we meet up with the owner of the dog. She said her dog (a Doberman pup) had chased a sheep, and both the sheep and dog had gone over the cliff and were in the sea. The dog had managed to scramble onto a ledge and we could hear the dog barking.
Her partner had made his way down the cliff to try and rescue the dog. This was extremely dangerous and could have been a different rescue.
Please stay safe and call 999. Do not try and attempt a rescue yourself.
Fortunately, this person made his way back up to the top of the cliff once he saw us. Providing us with useful information for the rescue.
Burry port and Tenby lifeboat were also tasked. Burry port lifeboat tried to rescue the dog, but it was deemed too dangerous.
Tenby lifeboat stayed on scene providing light and safety as we set up a cliff rescue system. Thank you this was really helpful and appreciated.
Mumbles team arrived and assisted in the recovery.
One of our team was lowered to the base of the cliff where the dog was safe and well but petrified in a small cave just above the waterline
The dog was retrieved safely and passed over to the grateful owners.
If you can’t control your dogs please please put the dog on a lead.
And please please do not try and rescue animals please call 999 and ask for the Coastguards. We are happy to help.and we are trained for it.
The farmer was informed about the sheep that did not survive.
 Great teamwork by all teams.

Bus hits youth crossing road (video) – Castle Square

Nathan Healy, 23, captured dashcam footage of a First Cymru bus hitting one pedestrian from a group of crossing the road without waiting for their green man signal. Nathan was driving along and had to break sharply as the group of pedestrians had already started to cross at the crossing. Meanwhile, the bus travelling in the opposite direction did not stop in time, seemingly attempting to break after several people had already crossed whilst colliding with one female from the group.

It is understood that after hitting the pedestrian, the bus driver drove forwards a little and then stopped and talked with the group of people. No serious injuries were reported.

6th October, 2021 – Live blog update: It has been reported via social media that the female is uninjured. Her class friend stated “she barely got a scratch on her, she’s fine”

First Cymru (bus operator) have been approached for a comment into this matter. This blog is live and will update with any further information.



Man attempts to arrest Swansea Court Judge

Daniel Hughes recently appeared at Swansea Magistrates’ Court and made at attempt to climb onto the desk of Judge Neale Thomas and proceed to arrest the court Judge as he did not recognise the authority of the Judge of the court. Security staff intervened to protect the judge.

Daniel Hughes was immediately taken to the cells and then refused to return to the court for his trial. The court was told how an enforcement officer from  Neath Port Talbot council had previously visited the defendant earlier this year in relation to a parking fine to which Hughes had not responded to. A clamp was fitted to Hughes’ vehicle which resulted in Hughes becoming enraged and grabbed the enforcement officer by his neck which resulted with red marks.

Kyle Gasson (Council enforcement officer said:  “I instantly knew the type of person I was dealing with. You are not there to be assaulted but it looked like it was going down that route. I asked if he was threatening me and he said: ‘Damn right I am making threats’. I am not there to be assaulted but you try not to get to that stage. I do not want to be rolling around on the floor.”

Daniel Hughes, 37, from Bryn in Port Talbot, has been jailed

Daniel Hughes (pictured above)

NEXT store, Oxford Street – Closing down

NEXT has today announced its Swansea City store will close around March 2022. A few months ago, (May 2021) Debenhams closed down its Swansea Quadrant Shopping Centre store adding to the demise of retailers in the city.

Rob Stewart (leader of Swansea Council) said: “This was expected and it’s already part of our repurposing strategy. However we fully hope to see a much larger and impressive next store in Swansea city centre as part of the next phase of development”.

There is a larger Next store in Morfa Retail Park.  Details here:
10-12, Brunel Way, Morfa Shopping Park, Bon-y-maen, Swansea SA1 7BP

Next, Swansea | Clothing Manufacturers & Wholesalers - Yell

Cakes & Ale venue in Mumbles attacked & vandalised

The Cakes & Ale venue in Mumbles was vandalised yesterday (24th September) just after 10pm.

Doug from Cakes & Ale posted the following information:

“Just after 10pm this evening we were on the receiving end of what feels like extremely targeted vandalism. We’re extremely fortunate that no one was hurt, it could have been much worse. What we can’t understand is why anyone would do this? 2 men on a red motor bike wearing black clothing. Several witness statements have been taken and CCTV is being reviewed. If you saw anything or can help bring those responsible to justice please get in touch.
It’s very frightening for our staff especially those younger as you can imagine. Please be kind if you pop in today as we’re all a bit shaken up.
In the mean time we have some sorting to do tomorrow which might mean us opening slightly later. If you’re planning to visit please call ahead to make sure we’re ready.”
Businesses have suffered during Covid lockdowns. For a business to endure a lack of trade during lockdown and then be hit with mindless vandalism must be devastating for the business as well as staff and customers who were in the premises at the time of the incident.
Please show your support for this and other local businesses within the area.Cakes & Ale facebook page: www.facebook.com/cakesandalemumbles
Cakes & Ale website:  www.cakesandale.wales/

Singleton Park – Request donations for trees

A fundraiser has been setup to help purchase trees for Singleton Park. You can help donate to this cause here: www.gofundme.com/f/replacement-trees-for-singleton-park

Posted by the group Friends of Singleton Park:

Help us buy some trees
Please help us replace a number of large trees which have been felled in Singleton in the last year. We would like to buy large, native species to maintain the nature of the landscape. More details in the gofundme link below.
We encourage anyone who loves this beautiful park to make a small donation. Please feel free to share on personal and group pages.
Thank you
Live Blog Update, 3rd October 2021:   Friends of Singleton Park write:  “We have enough money for the 4 trees. These are to be planted during the winter months and we will be posting updates and pictures. Thankyou to everyone for their support.”
Image from geograph.org.uk – Nigel Davies
Republished in www.citizenjournalism.uk network under a Creative Commons licence

Mumbles Sea Defence – Have your say!

mumbles sea defence

Swansea Council are in the process of strengthening the sea defences around Mumbles and require input from the public to help in the project.

Fill out the surveyThe aim is to reduce the risk of flooding to homes and businesses that are increasingly threatened by rising sea levels brought about by climate change.

Funding for new defences has been secured from the Welsh Government – and we want the thoughts of the public, business and others to help shape this significant project.

Fill out the survey
Complete the survey online now

Coed Gwylym Park receives £89,000 to build a new club house

From Coed Gwylym Park:
We have just received some fantastic news that we are delighted to share with you. The National Lottery Community Fund have just confirmed a grant of £89,000 towards our Project to build a new ‘Community Club House’ at the top end of the park near to the carpark, the Heritage Centre, the Canal Society Building, and to one side of the bowling green.
We are now working with the council to finalise the lease of the designated Club House site. Our ambition is to open the Club House in Spring 2022.
The building, which will cost £194,514 to complete, will occupy a focal point in the park, with most park users passing by it when they use the park facilities.
The pavilion-style Club House will include two changing rooms, a multi use toilet, a gents toilet, a store room, a small kitchen and a club room of some 65 square meters.
Our new Club House building will significantly enhance the facilities in the park and satisfy many of the community requests for facilities that we have identified through recent surveys.
These facilities will include a place to meet in the park, a place to shelter, toilet facilities for all, a place to have light refreshments, changing facilities, a place to socialise and to chill out and relax, and even host some social events, as well as providing a venue for school activities.
We also plan to put in a Dog Parking Station so that those out walking their dogs can kennel them outside the club house while they come in for a tea/coffee and a chat.
The club house will be run by volunteers and there will be a rota system for opening, closing and cleaning the facility and replenishing toilet accessories and tea/coffee supplies.
The New Club House facility is being built for the benefit of the whole community with the existing park organisations benefiting with new accessible toilets, changing rooms for some sports, a facility to make tea/coffee and a room to have meetings, a room to undertake activities, provide teas for visiting organisations and bowls teams and a facility to socialise in with the wider community in particular.
This is really great news for our community, and for our park users. We still have work to do to complete this marvellous project and we thank you all for your continued support.
And obviously, we extend a huge thank you to the National Lottery Community Fund.
Friends of Coed Gwylym Community Park has a facebook group here: www.facebook.com/CoedGwilymPark

Mayhill Riots

Following a vigil for a local man, fireworks were thrown and hundreds of people joined in violence in the Mayhill area. Ethan Powell who died on Monday 10th May had been watching Swansea City Championship with his grandfather when he fell ill. He was later found unconscious by his grandmother, he was flown to Morriston hospital where he died on Werdnesday from cardiac arrest / multiple organ failure.

A vigil was organised in Mayhill for the evening after his funeral where balloons were to be released. After the release of balloons, fireworks were then thrown and the crown erupted into violence which attracted more rioters.

The family of Ethan have spoken out against the rioting saying that Ethan would not have wanted this to happen. They have also requested any other vigils to be cancelled.

One resident who asked the rioters if they would move away from his house because he has a baby and small children was met with threats and then rocks thrown through the windows of his home. A resident living on the street where cars were set ablaze and rolled down the hill spoke of his fear for himself and his family, being couped up in their home but ready to instantly leave if their house caught on fire from nearby burning cars. Another resident said they were now living with worry and fear and intends to be leaving the area for the safety of her family.


The Home Secretary Priti Patel said the situation was “absolutely disgraceful”, posting on twitter saying her thoughts are with the residents affected.

Seven Swansea police officers were injured. South Wales Police say they are doing all they can to identify those responsible for the riots. Assistant Chief Constable Jenny Gilmore said the police force is confident it will identify those involved and initiate criminal proceedings against them.

There has been a lot of criticism on social media about the police doing nothing to stop the rioting. This is in despite of the fact that a police presence was visible and attempts were made to quell the riots, however the number of police was not sufficient against the hundreds of rioters who had gathered. Some residents were still left anxious and worried as felt vulnerable despite police presence in the area.

Jenny Gilmore (Assistant Chief Constable) defended the police actions saying: “We saw disorder, violence and criminality on the streets of Mayhill, that is something that we’re not used to seeing here on the streets of south Wales. What we saw last night was disgusting behaviour, utterly unacceptable and caused a great deal of distress, alarm and fear amongst the local community. The numbers of people who were involved last night were significant, we had up to 200 people involved at some points in time. The priority of our officers is always going to be to keep people safe, everything else can be picked up later.The numbers of officers to break up a crowd of that size is far in excess of what we were able to deploy last night. So I’m confident the right decisions were made.”

Mark Drakeford (First Minister) thanked the police for bringing the situation under control and described the rioting as “completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated anywhere in Wales”

Live Blog Updates:
A fundraiser has been started here: www.gofundme.com/f/may-hill-riot

A petition to install CCTV cameras has been started here: www.change.org/p/swansea-council-south-wales-police-swansea-council-install-swp-monitored-cctv-cameras-on-wuan-wen-hill

www.thesecretswansea.co.uk/ The Secret Beach Bar & Kitchen has offered free lunch delivered to any resident who had been affected by the riots.

www.facebook.com/Nicky-Tees-patios-and-drives-106032034947608/ Nicky Tees – Patios & Drives has offered free assistance to any resident needing help.

www.windowdoctorwales.co.uk/ Has offered free assistance to any resident needing windows boarded up / repaired.

Swansea City A.F.C. paid tribute to Ethan today (22th May 2021) via social media.



This is a live blog. Further updates may follow. 

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